Pomme – cashmere hat



A soft, two colour, pale turquoise and off white, cashmere hat, ideal for babies and toddlers.

Fibre compositon: 100% 4 ply cashmere wool

Knitted in a traditional knitwear factory in the scottish borders.

We only manufacture small runs which ensures exclusivity.

Sizing: Fits 12 months to 36 months old


20cm width on flat by 16cm height

Designed by We Are Rushworth

Why cashmere wool for babies?

Warmth – Its insulation capacity is 3 times higher than wool making it perfect for maintaining body temperature. The result is a yarn that keeps warm but not hot.

Softness – The diameter of cashmere fibres is very small, resulting in very fine texture, the softest of all yarns.

Lack of itchiness – For the same reason, the density of fibres is much higher than wool, and therefore the texture is not scratchy.

Lightness – Given the insulating capacity, cashmere jumpers can be lighter than ones made of wool and still keep perfect body temperature.




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